Retro-style Diablo event The Darkening of Tristram returns to Diablo III this weekend


Hands up — who among you were there to enjoy the original launch of Diablo in 1997? I myself didn’t get onto the Diablo train until its sequel in 2000, and by then it was a monster of a franchise (no pun intended).

Players aren’t the only people who hold fond nostalgia for the sprite-based era of Diablo; Blizzard holds the original in high esteem, which is why it created a special retro-style dungeon crawl for Diablo III in honor of its ancestor.

This is all a lengthy way of saying that the Darkening of Tristram event is running once more, this time from January 3rd until the 31st. Blizzard says that there are transmog, pets, and portraits to be found.

“Follow the clues and you’ll soon find yourself in a realm of glorious RetroVision™, where an all-too-familiar cathedral looms,” the studio said. “Explore the depths and you’ll discover familiar enemies and iconic items, all brought to life in the Diablo III engine.”

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Dankey Kang

Whenever I read anything about Diablo 3, it just makes me want to play Diablo 2 again; which I would but it’s silly expensive from the blizzard store. I’m pretty sure I could get it cheaper 15 years ago.

Vanquesse V

probably not 15 years ago, but 10 years ago I think it would be very easy to find d2+lod cheaper as a disc than what they charge on bnet

Jacob David Barker

It’s worth it tho. The project diablo 2 mod is fun and has bnet multiplayer with seasons. It’s new and has thousands of players. Also looks better graphic wise and has higher resolution support.

Thomas Matthew

The discs are relatively easy to find used at places like Goodwill. Go buy them for a buck. Then you can enter the CD-Key on and it adds the game to your account. This feature wasn’t added to until Blizzard started adding all their old games for people to claim on accounts (maybe 2015 or so?), so there hundred of thousands of CD-Keys that have never been redeemed in this new format. I did this for D2, LoD, W3, and W3:RoC. Got them all for a buck each. I would have done it with Starcraft, but I already owned those.