Holidays hugs to all the uplifting things that happened in MMOs, 2020 edition


On New Year’s Eve, it’s become tradition for us to roundup all the reasons we can’t have nice things, and we did so again this year. But you know what? 2020 wasn’t all bad. In fact, gaming was one of the things that brought us all together when many of us were forced indoors and into quarantine thanks to the pandemic. Without it, I’m not really sure where we’d be.

So while we do have a dedicated Massively Uplifting column that covers some of the good stuff going on in MMOs every month, we also think it’s worth a final recap with some stuff that made it into the news but not the columns, and there’s a lot to see, whether it’s charity contributions, player and dev memorials, citizen science, fan projects, free stuff, and even goofy in-game content. If it brought a smile to our faces, it’s in here – and it’s worth remembering how much of it there was. There’s some good in this world, Mr Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.


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Thank you for this. That is quite a list. And I do think it is worth remembering that even in the worst moments there are things out there that are worth the toil and struggle.

Sure, it isn’t always an apples to apples comparison, but if you venture outside of your siloed world you will see some great things that may surprise you. And, you may find people out there who don’t succumb to the negativity and gloom.