Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida teases the next expansion while saluting frontline health workers

Yes, I expect to be wrong at this point.
The new year is here, and Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida has greetings for the playerbase as he always does. Yoshida notes the sheer difficulty and challenge faced by the FFXIV team through 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic while also praising the team for pulling through, noting that there’s still no shortage of life in the game and that more is planned for this year and beyond as the game hits 11 years of operation. He also teased the next expansion set to be revealed in February, with the traditional bit of yearly prophetic verse:

Our progeny may never know
Wherefore we look unto the sky,
Nor why we dig for truths below;
We bear their scorn or watch them die

Yoshida also took time to note the team’s appreciation for the frontline health workers dealing with the virus and the unprecedented public health demand, noting how many times he had seen messages from workers playing the game that FFXIV provided a daily dose of respite and calm in their lives. This, he says, is one of the main goals of the team, to continue providing a comfortable and fun place for everyone to enjoy no matter what. It’s a nice sentiment as players look forward to February for the next portion of the game’s ongoing story.


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Honestly I think the post- post- role quests we got this drop signal either 6.0 or 7.0. The role epilogues read like wrap-up stories. Not sure if it’s a new development direction (just role from here on out) or they’re getting ready for the next FF MMO.

Danny Smith

Seeing how modern Square Enix works i would not be surprised if the moment XIV became one of the biggest mmos in the market there was a mandate from on high that “there needs to be a next gen game to replace it being worked on already”.

We know XIV has an actual ending planned just like XI did. I would not be surprised if we get two more expansions with story content and then a FFXVII to replace it.

My big question is what kind of game will the inevitable successor to FFXIV be? action combat is a lot more popular in asia nowadays and FFXVI is looking to be a reverse Yakuza 7 and go for straight action over traditional rpg so maybe its going to use that as a skeleton? or maybe they stick with hotbar content?

Or wild card they just switch in a major engine update to a FFXIV-2 set long after the final expansion to FFXIV. At this point anything could happen.


I wouldn’t call FF16 a ‘Reverse Yakuza’, especially when we’ve only seen a hint of gameplay. The only thing we can gleam from the gameplay so far is that the Eikons/Summons are tied to your moment-to-moment gameplay in some manner, but not to what extent and how.

16 is a more finely-tuned FF15 (which did its thing well before Yakuza 7), and itself already followed the action-heavy styling of Lightning Returns.


Too much vagueness in that to really figure out much from it. Could be a poem from the Ascians’ perspective, as the “progeny” would be the fragmented souls who are unaware of the true history and they bear scorn for the Ascians who are trying to force the Rejoining.

Could also be the WoL’s true self talking about how the rest of the convocation don’t understand why we did/do what we did/do.

Or maybe stuff goes so far south that the WoL basically becomes Batman at the end of The Dark Knight where everyone suddenly sees us as the bad guy because we get forced to make bad choices for a better future or something.




Yup,a ton of people do myself included. :)


if you consider a second job fun, then good luck with that.


Are you really using the most common slam on MMOs as a genre…as an insult in the comments section for a website that exclusively reports on MMOs? In reference to a game that, compared to others currently on the market, is fairly non-grindy? One where the producer has said “Hey if it gets too much or you get bored, just go ahead and unsub for a bit” on multiple occasions?


Bruno Brito

Uh…buddy…we play MMOs.

Your concept of “second job” is our second nature.


Ancestors and Undead?

Danny Smith

Moon level confirmed.