Aion EU previews minion awakening, Jorgoth’s weapons, and adjusted skill effects coming in update 7.8


EU players of Aion are getting their first taste of what’s to come in update 7.8 thanks to a preview post that points out some of the major features due to arrive in the next patch.

Top of the list is a minion awakening system, which lets players with a class S level 4 minion upgrade the minion to an awakened state, adding a second slot for a further minion that confers its stats benefits to the awakened minion. The best part is that this upgrade is 100% guaranteed to succeed with no threat of failure.

The update will also introduce Jorgoth’s half-finished weapons that, when equipped and brought to their next level, will gain two further levels that they can be upgraded to. On the topic of weapons, the update will also will bring an increased range to swords, greatswords, daggers, polearms, maces, and staffs. Finally, there are some adjustments to various skill effects that are meant to “ensure that playing Aion is as fun as it can be.”

More details and a release announcement are expected soon, but for now players can get a sneak peek at the tentpole features.

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