Albion Online saw an ‘ever-growing population’ in 2020, promises mobile release in 2021


As many game studios are doing right now, Albion Online’s Sandbox Interactive is pausing to take stock of the year that has passed and preparing to head into the one in front of it. Overall, it lauded its own progress through a “challenging” 2020, noting the game’s substantial updates and increased activity.

“Meanwhile, the in-game population continued to grow and grow, reaching an unprecedented 125,000 daily average users,” the studio posted. “This increase occurred despite the overall easing of worldwide lockdowns, and was due in large part to the large number of players who joined the game with the Rise of Avalon update.”

This year promises to be one of the most significant for the PvP sandbox yet, especially considering that the long-awaited mobile edition of the game is slated to come out and fulfill Albion’s destiny of being a cross-platform MMO. Other projects on deck include a faction warfare and hellgate overhaul as well as loadouts.

Massively OP recently awarded Albion Online the Indie MMO of the Year title for 2020 – just prior to its buyout by Stillfront Group AB.


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Kyle Kotlan

I have been playing this super super casually since it came out. Like I’ll log in a dozen times of year. The selling point of the game was desktop and mobile. I haven’t got into it yet because the mobile part isn’t out yet. I know that sounds dumb, but that game is a time investment to play. I currently play WoW, which takes a bunch of time.


Albion Online is not the kind of game I enjoy (I don’t like games with top-down view and primitive graphics) but it’s still pretty impressive to see them becoming so popular. The developers of it are also a great example of proper management of financial resources and manpower – they started in 2012 and released the the game (as official release) in 2017, and this is with a small team of people.

Not surprising they don’t hide comments on their YouTube videos and most of them are very positive ;-)


sandbox MMOs are a lot of fun. The bigger studios should take notice.

Vanquesse V

Launch was a nightmare but ever since they’ve seemingly only made good changes to the game and it’s kept growing. There’s a bit too much high risk pvp in the game for me to really dive deep, but I respect it a lot.