Global Chat: Checking out EverQuest II’s Reign of Shadows


Haven’t had time to check out EverQuest II’s latest expansion yet? Telwyn from GamingSF has you covered with some first impressions of Reign of Shadows. The early verdict? There’s a whole lot to do here!

“I then proceeded to spend a good hour or so wandering around the new city zones to just find my way about,” Telwyn noted. “Some quests were there, others appeared soon after I arrived, so my SK has a small list of tasks to accomplish. I managed a couple, but spent more time wandering than anything else.”

24 Hours In: Star Wars: The Old Republic

“It’s not my first time on Korriban, or as I think of it, Sith Hogwarts, but beyond that I’ve never gone further than level 20 or so on a Sith.  I’ll be retreading familiar ground for a while, but that SWTOR is so undemanding – especially when I know what’s coming next – is actually another reason why I chose it this time around.”

Tales of the Aggronaut: Game Awards 2020

“On the positive side… I am significantly more interested in Crimson Desert than I was before. The footage shown would lead you to believe that the game is a sort of God of War style single player narrative experience. There however is reportedly some sort of online multiplayer functionality, but it doesn’t seem like an MMORPG along the lines of its precursor Black Desert.”

Yeebo Fernbottom: FFXIV first impressions

“I even got invited to my first in-game wedding a few nights ago. They are purely social events that you have to make reservations for ahead of time, there is only one chapel per server.  It was surprisingly elaborate and a lot of fun. It was also fun meeting some of my guildies, that have just been random names in a chat box until now.  So far the community of FFXIV has been incredibly welcoming.”

Inventory Full: Living in the shadow

EQ is a game that, by and large, knows what it is and what its players want. EQII really isn’t. It’s several radically different, largely unrelated games precariously bolted together. ”

In An Age: Shadowlands complete

“I concur with just about everyone that Blizzard stumbled with the beginning zones in Shadowlands. The Maw ‘tutorial’ is a drag and never actually gave me any impression that it was as terrible a place as it was portrayed. The Maw at the endgame though, that feels hostile and properly hellish.”

MMO Folklorist: My first ten hours in Star Wars Galaxies Legends

“Aside from the odd interaction with a character from the movies, it is – like most MMO storylines – absolutely tedious stuff. Still, it’s the quickest and most efficient way of leveling up, so I decide to grit my teeth and press straight on with it.”

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Robert S.
Robert S.

It took me less than a week to finish the questing, both Adventure & Tradeskill, and I was playing pretty casually. Once done, I stopped playing. Yes, there are daily/weekly dungeon missions to run, but I cannot be bothered with group content in EQ2, let alone raid content. The expansions are so thin, and the formula is the same every year. It’s no wonder EQ2 is the company’s worst performing game. It needs serious help if it’s going to survive for years to come.


Reign of Shadows, Shadowlands, Shadowbringers … this is either the biggest coincidence ever, or we’re truly running out of words in the English language.

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Throwing Shade?


It’s the current mutation of the rule of Xtreme! It pops up from time to time, like in the ’90s when half the new comic book characters were all named some variation of Death, Blood or Blade. Deathstroke, Bloodshot, Deathblade, Deathblood, Deathlok… that and way, way too many belts and pouches.

Malcolm Swoboda

‘Shadows’ implies moral depth that may or may not actually exist (thankfully it arguably somewhat does in FFXIV). It fits the appeal-to-Z approach all media is attempting. Not to say Everquest is actually trying that, HA!, just that it might be following the leaders.

Bruno Brito

When a game has stats on the hundreds of thousands and the numbers are on the billions, it’s kinda time to pause a bit and go back to the drawing board.

Bloating doesn’t cut as a word to what’s happening here. EQ2 is suffering the Cthulhu of stat overbloat.