Let’s celebrate the history of the dance emote from EverQuest to Fortnite

Lords and ladies of the /dance


“Slow day at the office, eh MOP?” Yes. Mercifully. I am very tired and working for a casino during New Year’s Eve weekend is a special flavor of hell, and I want to see some joy in the form of MMO and multiplayer game characters cutting a rug. So with that in mind, allow us to share a brief animated gif history of the /dance emote.

This cute little collection assembled by PC Gamer takes us in a trip through MMO and gaming time, from the adorably awkward foot shuffling of a Froglok in EverQuest back in 1999, to the dancing finesse of entertainers in Star Wars Galaxies in 2003, right into World of Warcraft’s smooth moves in 2004 and Fortnite’s popular (and contentious) dances and onward.

It’s hardly a comprehensive list by any means, but darn it, it’s fun to look back at how far /dance has come. Feel free to share your favorite /dance emotes. Personally speaking, I’m going to include a spectacularly fun edit for Final Fantasy XIV because every day is enriched by twerking Dulla-Chai.

source: PC Gamer

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Male Orc dance in World of Warcraft.

I still smile whenever I see it. :)