New datamined cinematic for World of Warcraft Shadowlands points to major story developments

Very satisfying.

We’re being circumspect here because, well… this stuff is spoiler-ish. If you’ve been really enjoying the plot of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands up to this point and want to remain unspoiled and pure, it’s probably best not to look at this particular story. Then again, this is also the sort of development that might obliterate any pretense of enjoyment, so you might actually want to look. Just be fairly warned ahead of time, there are spoilers here. Make your choice.

Click to reveal spoiler
So, yes, the newest cinematic has been datamined, and it looks to be setting up a redemption arc for Sylvanas as she suddenly is no longer entirely on board for the Jailer’s plans. Yes, Sylvanas, the literal war criminal. The cinematic itself appears to play at the “end” of Torghast before unlocking the Twisting Corridors, giving players one last look at the major players and the state of play moving forward in the expansion story. It’s about two and a half minutes, so if you’re excited to see what seems to be the plan for Anduin Wrynn – or just want to know why this redemption arc is going to bother you – check it out just below.

Source: Wowhead
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