Virtual chorus of 144 singers performs a song from Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 4


The arts do not stop for a pandemic. Not entirely, anyway. Evidence of this can be found with thanks to the Virtual Video Game Orchestra, which has managed to pull together a chorus of singers, all of whom are singing at home, for a performance of a selection from Guild Wars 2.

The song, Aurene, Dragon Full of Light, features composer Maclaine Diemer and 144 community submissions from musicians across the global video game music community. So not only is this song managing to compile a chorus of performers at distance, it’s doing it with 144 different people. The end result, while likely not as unified as a chorus all physically present at once, is close enough to that ideal to make bare little difference, and it’s a cover of one of GW2’s best songs.

Get your warm fuzzies and your music-induced chills in the embed below the break.

source: YouTube
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