Final Fantasy XIV outlines plans for the final session of Ishgard Restoration ranking

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Soon it will be time for Final Fantasy XIV to help rebuild Ishgard once again. In fact, the newest preview from the team implies that it will be as soon as next week, as it reveals the ranking period will last from the launch of patch 5.41 until Thursday, January 21st. That means next week is the likely launch date simply because… well, otherwise the ranking period would last for two days, which is a little too short.

The titles for ranking in this season will remain the same as prior seasons, with players in the top 100 earning the “Beata/Beatus of the Firmament” title and those in the top 12 earning “Saint of the Firmament.” There will also be a commemorative statue erected for the top contributing crafting job on each server’s version of the Firmament, so be ready to get out there and get crafting to make your mark for the final iteration of the content.


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