Gemini Station is a text-based sci-fi MMO you can play from anywhere


Text-based MMOs have come a long, long way since their olden days with monochrome monitors and fizzling baud modems. Newer text-based titles might surprise you with their presentation, such as the clean and attractive look of Gemini Station.

Gemini Station is a browser-based MUD that can be accessed via computer or mobile device. It puts the player in the role of a space jockey who is trying to make his or her way around the cosmos in a variety of ways. It’s a bit like the classic Privateer, with real-time travel between planets and a complex economy.

“Centered around trade, piracy, and intrigue, Gemini Station allows you to customize and equip your ship by acquiring specialized mods that allow you to fine-tune your play style,” the team explained. “As your ship gets more powerful, you’ll be able to complete more difficult missions, transport more cargo, hack more secure systems, and even turn on other players in attempt to steal their cargo.”


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I was curious right up to the “turn on other players” line.


I was playing games on BBS systems when this basic type of game was all that was available in the computer Multiplayer/MMO arena.

While I commend those who keep this sort of thing going, and am happy for those that find them interesting and fun, I don’t want to go back.

I much prefer 1st person and 3rd person gaming.

Way back when, it is what we dreamed about as we played Temple of the Apshi on our TRS-80s and Commador 64s. Not to mention all our text adventures which we loaded onto our computers via cassette tape.

So, no thanks. Not for me.


I used to play something similar when i was a kid. It was a space colonization game called Planetarion, where you had to conquer star systems and planets with your group. It was pretty much a precursor to EVE, where you’d have to wake up in the middle of the night to prepare your defenses for an incoming attack -type deal.

I see that the game is still running. Some of the most exciting times i’ve had in gaming, and yet everything was text based…