Conan Exiles tweaks stamina and addresses several ‘long-standing issues’ in its latest PC update


Envision the sound of several hundred war elephants rumbling across the dry, cracked plains of Conan Exiles, their thunderous footfalls combining with the wet crunch of bugs as they’re trampled underfoot. That’s the ideal mental image meant to be offered to PC players of the game, which has seen a bug squash-focused update to the survival sandbox.

Update 2.2, which promises “a big load of bugfixes” as well as an attack on “some long-standing issues as well as some recently reported problems,” has introduced a slew of adjustments like an update to the stamina system that balances costs and makes it less burdening, adds stamina cost to blocking attacks, and lets those activating shield block regenerate stamina.

In addition, building pieces can also be upgraded or downgraded to any item type; thrall damage to players can now be adjusted in private servers; and there are a number of quality-of-life features added for those who mod the game. And, of course, there’s the “tons and tons (and tons)” of bug fixes. All of the salient details are available for your reading pleasure.

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