Darkfall: Rise of Agon previews stat-boosting Shards and Obelisks that are in development for 2021


Even the smaller MMOs like Darkfall: Rise of Agon are getting into the spirit of looking back at 2020 and looking ahead at 2021. In a December 31st wrap-up post, the devs of the MMORPG bid a not-so-fond farewell to “the hardest year many of us have faced in our lives” while also promising exciting developments going in to 2021.

A couple of those development plans were shared in the post. Specifically, the addition of Creshelon Shards that provide two stat bonuses and two stat penalties chosen from a large pool of possibilities, and Obelisks that randomly appear in the game world and empower player cities with boons like enhanced resource production, provided an obelisk is successfully brought back to a player city.

More updates and details are expected to be announced over the course of this year, both for these two new updates as well as future plans. For now, it at least looks like an improved 2021 already.


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So sad that Darkfall cannot seem to thrive in any of its endless forms. It may be a niche, flawed game, but it’s still undeniably cool. It really deserves better.