Final Fantasy XI is adding new boss areas to Odyssey in January

Like a boss.

The January version update for Final Fantasy XI approaches, and it’s adding some boss new content. Wait, sorry, that was out of order; it’s adding some new boss content. Specifically, it’s adding new boss areas to Odyssey featuring powerful and tricky fiends to challenge veteran players, with experienced adventurers having plenty of opportunity to emerge victorious with even greater rewards. A case wherein the best strategy might be to just rush in and take the bull by the horns, in other words.

Speaking of taking the bull by the horns, one of the new Ambuscade fights for the month involves exactly that. This month’s Ambuscade fights (one of which is a hard-hitting bull) are less gimmick-based than last month, so players are encouraged to dive in and just pour out their martial prowess with gusto. The update also brings improvements to the novice network, so players both new and old are encouraged to hop in.


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