Lord of the Rings Online’s musicians push back against the cold with Winterstock 8


As the Yule Festival wraps up and the long, cold nights settle into Lord of the Rings Online, one kinship is looking to bring some warmth and merriment into the season. Landroval’s Lonely Mountain Band announced that it is bringing back its multi-day Winterstock festival for later this month.

Winterstock will take place from January 15th through 18th and will feature dozens of player bands putting on performances at Thorin’s Gate. This is the eighth such winter festival, and it’s perfect if you’re looking to break up questing with a little social contact and free entertainment.

SSG is slowly ramping things back up after the holidays, putting out a small patch on Wednesday that reinstated duo modes to several instances and adjusted some of the stats on legendary items.

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Source: LOTRO, #2

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