Crowfall’s first beta patch of 2021 includes a revamped leveling system


As the crow flies into 2021, it sees a glorious feast before it — a feast full of downed players, beta testing, and… could that be? A launch?

As ArtCraft gears up Crowfall for a 2021 release, the studio has plenty to do to get it fully ready for prime time. One of those steps is to push out the first major beta content update of the year, which, according to the studio’s January Q&A, should be coming soon.

There’s a lot that’ll be in Game Update 6.4, including a new progression system “that allows players to keep their existing characters and increase the level cap without having to re-level,” a “more impactful” attribute system, an improved lobby interface, and a new rules system. It’s a literal game-changer, so give the full Q&A watch here:

Source: Kickstarter
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