Voxelbox MMO Elteria Adventures revamps starting chapters, adds new items and hair dyeing


Allow us to look back at the early access MMO Elteria Adventures, which first came to our notice in May of 2020 with its self-described colorful aesthetic, focus on creativity and freedom thanks to voxelbox features like modifiable, buildable, and destructible environments, and some of the most adorable foes we’ve ever heard of. Since the game laid out a roadmap of “mega patches” in November, the game has since had a couple of important updates.

The tail end of December saw one update that added the ability for players to change their hair color, updated mob trading features, and made a number of fixes and adjustments including a recalibration of stats while leveling up and weapon strikes being targeted with the camera position.

Starting this month, the latest update has further added more refinements with a rework of the game’s Chapter 1 narrative, an update to the tutorial chapter to make it a bit better overall, some new glove weapons, and several other gameplay adjustments that touch consumables, item stats, and abilities among other changes.

According to the game’s Steam landing page, it’s eyeing an early release in February.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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