Blade & Soul prepares to celebrate five years of operation

What is HAPPENING to your RIBCAGE lady

It’s been five years since Blade & Soul’s local release, and the team is going all-out in celebration complete with a big new desktop giveaway. Yes, players can have a shot at winning an Alienware rig starting on January 12th, complete with monitors and peripherals to enhance the gaming experience. And that’s the least of what’s coming along with the anniversary celebration, since that’s a prize only one player will be lucky enough to get.

Players can pick up cosmetic weapon skins and costumes for free once, with further purchases being available in exchange for event coins. You can earn said event coins via daily and weekly challenges, which also allow you to enter a raffle to win various other useful items and cosmetics. All of this comes along with the anniversary kickoff on January 13th, so if you’d like to celebrate five years of operation for the game, get yourself all geared up for next Wednesday.


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…and I should log back to celebrate. Got a bunch of freebies the last time. <3