Last Oasis offers teases and a rough outline for updates arriving in the first quarter of 2021


Buried underneath a community showcase post full of memes, community guides, and screenshots from the Last Oasis playerbase, developer Donkey Crew offered a few hints at what to expect moving in to the opening months of 2021, starting with what appears to be a loom of some sort as part of the game’s content push next week, as well as some teaser screenshots of what appears to be a new location.

Indeed, a new map is set to arrive during the first quarter, which promises to have new ways for players to explore. Q1 will also feature some new enemies, features requested by the community, and a release to the Xbox, which still has no date to share but has gone through some promising testing according to the post.

As for the game itself, it currently sits on a Mixed user review aggregate though recent reviews are skewing mostly positive. As for the size of said playerbase, Steamcharts shows that the game earned a little population spike between October and December, though things are beginning to fall off a bit as of these past 30 days. Currently, the last 24-hour peak saw just over 2,400 players online, which is an overall hard plummet from the all-time peak of over 33,000.

sources: Steam (1, 2), Steamcharts

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I do wonder if games with a low player count like this can have continued support or will the developer just run out of money? They can at least say they have more players than Marvels Avengers I guess

Jon Wax

They do a speed dump to console. Those kids have such low standards itll buy em an extra lustrum til folks get bored and move on