Skyforge offers potential Nintendo Switch players a brief rundown of the MMORPG’s 18 classes


When it comes to what class to play in Skyforge, you have no shortage of options (provided you pay for some of them, anyway). That’s the overall message from the game’s latest post as it continues to shovel coal into the hype engine of its impending release on Nintendo Switch.

The post grants a general rundown of each class, noting its role as well as providing a few words about how each one operates. It also does note that players will start off with a choice of three classes (Lightbinder, Paladin, and Cryomancer) but can unlock more through normal gameplay or the purchase of content packs, so it’s at least not trying to hide the fact that some of the class options can be paid for. That said, the post also points out that each class speaks more to a preferred playstyle. Furthermore, all classes can be swapped on the fly, so players aren’t stuck with a choice they don’t like.

Whether you plan to shell out cash for these classes, want to know more about the starter choices, or perhaps care to look ahead to something to unlock, the information post has all of the briefing you need.


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