The Daily Grind: Will you kickstart any MMOs in 2021?


I think I managed to make it all the way through 2020 without Kickstarting a single game, or anything at all, for that matter. Usually there’s something, like a book or a card game, even if it’s not an MMO. But this year, the only thing that tempted me was The Wagadu Chronicles, and I was on too tight a budget to go for it this past fall since I was moving house. I’ll be cheerleading from the sidelines instead!

I’ll never say “all crowdfunding is poison” since MOP exists, quite literally, because of our backers over the last almost six years. But even some of those backers think Kickstarter for MMOs is just the worst, and I know some of you are already ready to proclaim you’re never going to back games on the platform ever again. And frankly, given the actual scams and trainwrecks we’ve seen, I can hardly blame you. It might be better to just hang on to your coin until the game is ready for you.

Will you Kickstart any MMOs in 2021? Did you Kickstart anything last year?

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Haven’t done it in 2020, but not out of sheer principle, juste because I haven’t seen the right project.

In the last couple ofnyears, however, my critiera certainly have become more stringent; that’s what guided my evaluations of potential projects to back in 2020 and that will go on in 2021.

For me to back, projects would have to propose fully transparent (and I mean _fully_) accounting and financials, a sustainable business model (likely subscription-based) and a realistic timeframe (you don’t make an MMO in a year or two). The team would need to be known (as in, already hired or pledged to the project) and be comprised of individuals with some degree of experience, not necessarily in the video games industry but in related business, especially for the infrastructure part of the project, which is often the downfall of indie projects.

Ideally, the main guy(s) behind the project would have also invested theirb $$$ themselves into the project (praise guys like Elon Musk and the likes for that), have some truly solid design documents presented and an actual playable (if light/single player) short demo presenting some gameplay loop. The idea doesn’t need to be completely novel and ground-breaking but it would need to promise to be something that isn’t currently widely done in the industry.

Phew. So yeah. I guess it’s not too likely I’ll be backing anything in 2021 either ;)


Absolutely not, no, never again, and that goes for “Pre-Ordering” these days too.

I still play Elite Dangerous on and off today, which was Kickstartered, but I came to that after it was clear what it was, but there’s no excuse for not offering the offline play as promised. And no way I’m pre-ordering Odyssey after all the half baked patches over the years…

Outside of that, anything I’ve been vaguely interested in that has been crowd funded has been a shocking disaster and an immoral con job.

I loved Populous on the Amiga back in the day; Watching what Peter Molyneux did with Godus doesn’t even need detailing.

Shroud of the Avatar turned into one of the most depressing experiences ever, from a series which once taught moral behaviour in Ultima IV ran a project that made a virtue of lying and deception, gouging your user base for virtual materialism, and encouraged a cult of hateful whales. It was like discovering the Fellowship had triumphed in Ultima 7!

Ultima Underworld was an early predictor of the coming 3d revolution in PC gaming, and a tribute to tight, visionary RPG design; Ultima Ascendent was an early predictor of the coming shodiness and lack of care in the Crowdfunding PC world, and a sloppy, incoherent design driven by nostalgia.

Roadmap Simulator Inc will release Star Citizen this year however and prove all the doubts about Crowd Funding wrong though! Or maybe next year. Definitely eventually.


Didn’t and won’t – without pretty exceptional turn in personal financies.

It’s not you, dear developers, it’s me.

What money I have on gaming goes to ‘Golden Oldies’ on mainly, with the very special case of select, few MMO expansions.

Kickstarter Donor

No, not out of principle but because I’m not aware of any game coming along that I would be remotely interested in.

Kickstarter Donor

Other than Star Citizen (backed for SQ42 only, I swear), I haven’t put any KS money into MMOs. It just doesn’t seem like a good fit for that type of game and so far that has seemed to bear out. I did throw some money at Sea of Stars and Eyuden Chronicles (spelling, I’m too lazy to look it up) this year because both look neat and are made by people with a history of making functional things. Even that’s not a guarantee though, as seen by the Unsung Story Playdek debacle that has somehow come back around, through another company’s charity honestly. I’ll never back on Kickstarter like I did in what 2012, 2013 or whatever year that was. I had a fantastic run of games succeeding but the whole thing still really soured me. I realized the incredibly annoying way that I have zero interest in seeing how the sausage gets made. Also, don’t pre-order games, especially when they aren’t even in development yet. I broke my rule even this year, I’m a hypocrite I know.


Like many have already said: never have, never will.

I would consider investing in a game / studio, especially if they made it as convenient as crowdfunding websites (as opposed to trying to buy shares), but simply funding (giving away money) has always seemed silly to me.

Kickstarter Donor

Just FYI this exists and is called Fig ( where projects are backed like on KS or as an investment with return on sales.


Never have, never will.


Absolutely not, not ever (yes, I can say this with absolute certainty). No more wasting any of my money on some delusional, dishonest people and their poorly thought out projects, most of which will end up in a failure due to incompetence or due to some of them simply grabbing money and running off with them. I’ve had enough of those Kickstarters, including for items other than games. I’d rather donate money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital (which I also did) than ever back any crowdfunded projects.

Kevin Smith

I think at this point most have learned not to do this. There is a reason why developers go this route instead of finding traditional backers. It comes down to if they do not complete it they don’t owe kickstarter backers anything.


The irresponsibility and mismanagement we’ve seen in kickstarted MMOs in recent years dealt a huge blow to any future, decent projects. Shame on them.

With that said, I still desperately hold on to the hope that Pantheon finally delivers a new MMO with the old school formula. If that doesn’t work out I’m done.