Neowiz is re-releasing AVA: Alliance of Valiant Arms on Steam March 31

Fourth time's the charm?


Here’s one we haven’t heard from in a while, so let’s review. Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) is a team-based multiplayer FPS that’s been around the market since 2007. Its fortunes here in the Americas have been a bit bumpy, first being published by Aeria Games, and then by En Masse in 2016 only to be shut down in the summer of 2018, and then self-published by developer Red Duck as AVA Dog Tag, with plans to run a closed beta in January 2019 — we even had a key giveaway.

That’s where things went silent up to now, as AVA is being resurrected once again, this time with the efforts of developer and publisher Neowiz, which has announced the shooter is launching globally on Steam as a free-to-play title.

This re-release of AVA is touting three different classes, a variety of gameplay modes that can be played on over 30 different maps, the ability to customize weapons to suit player needs, and some unspecified “redesigned features.” The game is set to launch on Wednesday, March 31st. More details are likely coming between now and then, but for now we at least know that this is going to be a thing again.

source: Steam via MMO Culture

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steel hunt

You are missing the entire point, and if you really believe neowiz is going to invest a lot of money into this, then guess again.

The name of the game here is: grab and run.

I can tell you right of the bat that it will earn them money hand over fist by putting out p2w stuff and ppl will pay for them.

The contents are already there, the cost of keeping the game is low. Who cares there are bots or p2w ? As long as ppl are willing to throw them money.

When it is unprofitable 1-2 years, server shuts down. Neowiz earned enough and move on to another old game.

Cycle repeats.

shan liu

One thing you guy may or may not know is Nexon has another fps shooting game running on steam called “Counter-Strike Nexon”. All things happened in that one could be excatly same in AVA. But for ava things would be just worse cause pvp plays big roule in ava unlike csn.