City of Titans shares new video, screenshots, and 2021 update plans


A retrospective of the last year’s work by City of Titans is full of the looking back that one comes to expect out of these sorts of posts, but it also is pretty heavy on the look forward as well, sharing a variety of update plans heading into the current year along with fresh screenshots and video.

In terms of the work ahead, the post leads off by announcing that a Mac client for the game is currently in internal testing and should have more information revealed soon. The other major piece is putting together multiplayer; previous testing that involved holiday events, NPC interactions, and map design has provided some lessons that the devs are ready to apply to the larger game world. The post also talks about the implementation of a chat system, and promises updates to come regarding combat, movement, and map improvements.

To that final point, the post offered up a variety of new screenshots and a new video that takes a look at Old Bradford and the Downtown area. In addition to these new looks, there is also a new section of the website that will have some more detailed information about locations in the City of Titans. You can follow the link for more as well as take in the video below.


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1 year ago

Maybe they are building for soon to exist hardware

Joe Seabreeze(@joe_seabreeze)
1 year ago

Is this game ever going to get released? I feel like I’ve been reading about this game for 20 years lol

Hikari Kenzaki(@hikarikenzaki)
1 year ago

Sees headline and expects to not see any hint of gameplay or an actual client.
Should see some really nice dev cam shots though!

CoT never fails to live up to my expectations…

Kickstarter Donor
Peregrine Falcon(@peregrine_falcon)
1 year ago

I just want to see the game launch before I die in 2029.

1 year ago

It IS pretty.

I’m not usually a fan of pan around/zoom throughs but this one was pretty. The city looked organic in spots like that’s how a skyline would look but other parts didn’t. The part where the Hotel under the subway tracks…it just looked like a building asset plunked down next to another one.

But I am still interested. Maybe I’ll get to play it before my demise. :)

1 year ago

Based on how the developers are approaching putting this game together, I don’t think it has a chance of a snowball in the hot place of ever working.

You don’t start working on the MMO part after all the pretty graphics are in place. The MMO part is the HARD part, and the High-Risk part.

My guess is that when they put a significant number of actual players in with all the required NPCs and the pretty graphics? Game will simply not run.

Time will tell. But for me “. . .The other major piece is putting together multiplayer. . .” is a big red flag.

Dug From The Earth(@dug_from_the_earth)
1 year ago

Not too shabby

Id like to see actual clips of moving through the city as a character would though, because no one plays the game by panning slowly side to side as most of these types of videos do.

Kickstarter Donor
Ken from Chicago(@kenfromchicago)
1 year ago

It’s so pretty!