Habbo’s release on Unity draws player ire for feature implementation, prompting a response from the devs


The move from Flash to Unity for Habbo Hotel has happened successfully, but only in terms of it officially releasing, as players have been agitating for the new version of the game to address differences in features between the Flash version and the new client.

For those who haven’t been following our reporting, Habbo has now officially shut down its Flash version in favor of a Unity-based client. The game’s relaunch on Unity is overall touted by developer Sulake as a net positive with a “more secure and polished” game, new features such as level progression, daily gifts, achievement rewards and user-to-user donations, and the return of features like the Marketplace and trading system.

It’s how some of those features returned that have prompted the ire of long-time players of Habbo, with the #SaveHabbo hashtag making the rounds on Twitter and in the game. The fervor was such that Habbo released a response to the campaign, offering replies about a number of feature issues that either promised to address them further or referred to specific sections of an FAQ. “Habbo will be developed on an ongoing basis for the foreseeable future,” closes the post. “We will continue to listen to your feedback and opinions, and, where possible, implement changes and improvements you suggest.”

It doesn’t appear that these answers have done much to mollify fans, as there are already some unhappy reactions both on Twitter and on Reddit, with either worries that the game is being actively suffocated, some self-deprecating memes, or threads about where the response falls short.


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Pools are still open? Color me surprised.

Dankey Kang

Habbo eh? Takes me back to 2006, I’m astonished it’s still alive these days.