Shroud of the Avatar makes some minor adjustments and pushes bundle sales


What’s been happening over in the world of Shroud of the Avatar? Well, there’s the sort of loud clangor that you would expect from your most obnoxious local car salesman as far as the Avatar’s Update newsletter is concerned, as it hawked continuing sales for Crown Store homes and Lord of the Isles bundles, new store additions, Vault items, and the winter season store on top of the usual Q&A livestreams and community events listings.

As for updates, those have been mostly unsubstantial as well for now, with the latest patch, Build 1333, introducing the option to double-click a target, more XPs per use for enchantment skills, and “several” player-owned town upgrades that were otherwise not noted in the patch notes for some reason; it’s a pretty small update as these things go.

There. Now you’re all caught up on SOTA things for now. Enjoy the rest of your day.

source: official site (1, 2)

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Anyone else remember this when hearing about the latest news?

The latest news: is closing. They cite the reasons that have been plainly seen for a while now. This site closure is directly related to public RMT being banned, effectively having Chris Spears killing the RMT market (rather, what was left of it), ergo making sure the site wasn’t going to recover, costing the community a valued resource (in particular the stats they cite).

It has been a lot of fun building applications to support Shroud of the Avatar. My passion for the game lead me to build tools I would enjoy and others seemed to enjoy them too. Traffic is not up or down for the site. It’s around where it has been for the last year.

Unfortunately, that is not enough to support the cost of the site. Markee Dragon and myself both paid the bills over the past 4 years.

Thank you, Markee, for your unwavering support of the game and this site over the years! You went above and beyond going all the way back to 2016 when I believe we started discussing this site before an API or vendor email exports were even available, and you had reserved the domain even before that!

If the game had taken off and the player base had grown at all over the years, I am sure we had a model that would have been sustainable, but lots of things changed over time and the writing has been on the wall for the last 18 months. was never self-sustaining and never will be. You can view the game stats and see why.

A special thanks has to go out to Shawn Butts for being such a great patron of the game and a steadfast supporter and user of the site. Your commentary made the site better over the years and I think you know that. Any time we hosted contests you contributed to the prize pool, and I know you know that I will never forget it!

Another special thanks to Elgarion for being a breath of fresh air in the streaming community, so much so, that you became a part of the staff at Catnip Games. Your support of the game has helped a lot of people.

And, finally, to the developers of Shroud of the Avatar thanks for all the effort of the years. I think all of the players agree that there are special features in this game that you cannot find anywhere else.

The site will do down in the next 2-4 days.

For those who didn’t know, Markee Dragon is a company-endorsed RMT seller, for whatever that meant in the last year or so. This news shows that entire market has collapsed in tradition with everything else Portalarium/Catnip have said about investing into SotA.


Players are basically giving their POTs away for free, so to compete Catnip places houses and Whale bundles on sale at deep discounts.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures!

Bruno Brito

Minor adjustment and bundle sales is the real title of this game.

Songs for Children

There are thirteen exclamation points in that tiny little update. Based on the game’s performance, I’m not sure that Catnip Games’ use of punctuation is actually drumming up much excitement.


Forsaken Virtues is such a fitting title.


If individual sales are down, bundle em together to make the illusion of a good deal.