DarkOrbit Reloaded is a large-scale free-to-play internet spaceship MMO of rival factions and resource control


This game has, apparently, been around long enough that its raked in 80 million active players. It’s DarkOrbit Reloaded, a free-to-play space-based MMO that lets players fly around as a member of one of three factions to join an intergalactic fight for control. DarkOrbit lets players join one of three factions — the aggressive Mars Mining Organization, the monetarist Earth Industries Corporation, or the cunning Venus Resources Limited — in an effort to gather resources and dominate space.

In addition to factional affiliation, DarkOrbit further touts a variety of ships that players can command to further stand out, with ships designed to take on waves of enemies, gather intel, or act as a tank to protect allies. In addition to resource gathering, players can look for new maps or take on several missions, all of which plays out in a game that touts millions of players at once.

While DarkOrbit claims to be browser-based, most of the features now require players to download a client to hop in. That said, it is a fully free-to-play piece of space gaming, so perhaps those who are looking to try something different can spare a quick download and give it a shot.

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