DarkOrbit Reloaded is a large-scale free-to-play internet spaceship MMO of rival factions and resource control


This game has, apparently, been around long enough that its raked in 80 million active players. It’s DarkOrbit Reloaded, a free-to-play space-based MMO that lets players fly around as a member of one of three factions to join an intergalactic fight for control. DarkOrbit lets players join one of three factions — the aggressive Mars Mining Organization, the monetarist Earth Industries Corporation, or the cunning Venus Resources Limited — in an effort to gather resources and dominate space.

In addition to factional affiliation, DarkOrbit further touts a variety of ships that players can command to further stand out, with ships designed to take on waves of enemies, gather intel, or act as a tank to protect allies. In addition to resource gathering, players can look for new maps or take on several missions, all of which plays out in a game that touts millions of players at once.

While DarkOrbit claims to be browser-based, most of the features now require players to download a client to hop in. That said, it is a fully free-to-play piece of space gaming, so perhaps those who are looking to try something different can spare a quick download and give it a shot.


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Why are all these space games PVP? I wanna explore strange new worlds, get into trouble, fight NPCs and mobs…all without having some other players trying to gank me or steal my stuff.


There is no game that needs more grind or $$$ than any other game.
The game runs very bad because it uses flashplayer with memory leaks. They are working on a Unity version but they are far from the release but they had many years to prepare.
I would really like the game if it would be more player friendly but everything in this game is designed to milk your money.


Ok i’m definitely checking this out. I’m a sucker for these kinds of games, and i had no idea this one even existed. Thanks for the heads up, Chris.


Actually it is around 15 years old


can be still fun as a secondary mmo and to be honest I thought it had died because it was made in flash and the termination of its service made lots developers shut down older flash games

Dug From The Earth

Their website still has a flash element on it!!


Shades of 1999 ;)

(Yeah, okay they launched in 2006) :P