Genshin Impact introduces a frosty new archer and kicks off a fresh round of events


It’s time once again to pray to your favorite deity of fortune in the hopes of landing a new Genshin Impact character. The latest update to the game has added a new member of the ever-widening roster in the form of Ganyu, a Cryo damage-dealing archer with a variety of tricks meant to keep enemies locked down and at a distance.

Ganyu’s arrival also comes with a number of events that let players try out the character for a little reward as well as take on her story quest provided they’re at the right Adventure Rank and have completed a requisite story quest. As for unlocking Ganyu herself, there’s an event running between now and February 2nd that will see her drop rate increase when Wishes are used, as well as an increased drop chance for the Pyro character Xiangling, the Hydro character Xingqiu, and the Geo character Noelle.

There are a variety of other events happening with this update too, including some new weapons to roll the dice for, a Hypostatic Symphony event that rewards Primogems and a unique namecard for defeating Hypostasis world bosses, and another round of daily login rewards. Information on dates and times for all of these events are outlined on the website, while a closer look at Ganyu’s skills is in the video embed below.

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