Neverwinter will let players hop in to first new Sharandar zone without an item level requirement for two weeks


Are you looking forward to the first part of Neverwinter’s upcoming Sharandar expansion but are worried about your item level not being up to snuff? For a little window of time after the initial launch, you won’t have to worry about that, according to an announcement on a recent dev blog.

While the first adventuring area of the expansion will require players to have a minimum item level of 40,000, the first two weeks from the launch of Iron Tooth will turn this requirement off. Furthermore, if players complete the introductory mission during that time frame, they will retain access to the content and be scaled up to the appropriate item level when in those zones.

The dev blog offered a few other tidbits as well, including a look at the first campaign details and word that the old Sharandar zones will be going away while boons from that zone will shift over to the new Sharandar, but if your primary concern was whether or not your character was strong enough to join in the campaign, you can put that fear to rest.

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