Realm of the Mad God lays out a roadmap for 2021, including a mega-patch in August


Everyone’s favorite permadeath roguelike MMO has big plans for this year. Realm of the Mad God recently posted a quick overview of what’s to come in the game for 2021, including a significant patch over the summer.

“The biggest release of the year is planned for Month of the Mad God, which this year is planned to take place in August,” the dev team said. “[In it] you can expect some big changes to item and dungeon systems.”

Before that arrives, however, the team has other projects that it wants to get out the door. These include improvements to account security, client polishing, ST sets for the Knight and Necromancer, and a new (unnamed) class.

And if you have 20 seconds to spare and want to catch up on everything that happened in the game last year, here you go:

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