Blade & Soul kicks off its anniversary event with today’s patch

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It’s time to celebrate five years of Blade & Soul today with the latest patch, and you know what that means: events. The events kicking off today include a real-world giveaway for a new computer setup, with players who sign up getting an entry in the drawing every time they log into the game during the anniversary period. So you’re motivated not just to get new event looks, but also to have a shot at a sweet new rig.

Aside from the outfits and weapon illusions the event rewards also include things like a free 7-day premium membership (once per account) and a Grand Celestial Steed. Taking part in daily and weekly challenges as well as clearing daily quests gets you the tokens you need to exchange, but there’s new content aside from just the event in the patch notes, including new daily challenges for dungeons and new achievements. Happy five years, Blade & Soul; here’s to another batch.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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