Old School RuneScape refines Soul Wars and releases Ironman versions of God Wars dungeon generals


This week in Old School RuneScape is all about Soul Wars and God Wars. More specifically, it’s about making the Soul Wars content more refined and making the God Wars content open to those who like Ironman mode.

As part of further efforts to make Soul Wars “great fun for everyone,” the mode is getting several adjustments that address some rather specific circumstances like where players can open Spoils of War, closing a bypass for temporary bans from the mode, and reducing the time players can exit a Graveyard from 15 seconds to 10. The Spoils of War have also seen quantities of certain items rebalanced, and there are now three Soul Wars worlds in each region.

The four God Wars dungeon generals now have shared Ironman instances, ensuring Ironman players can fight the generals without regular players inconveniencing things. There’s also an option to peek at an Ironman boss’ door to know how many Ironman players are in that room, as well as a brazier that lights up to indicate when someone is in said boss room.

The latest weekly update further details updates to the Trailblazer League, the closure of the Bounty Hunter rewards shop, and several other miscellaneous points of note. All of the details are in the post.


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