World of Warcraft kicks off the Beasts of Prodigum event in Torghast

Oh snaps.

There’s already a fair amount of randomness in Torghast runs in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, but the new Beasts of Prodigum event adds a whole new random wrinkle in the form of new pet-based anima powers. Not just powers to enhance existing pets, but to give everyone access to powerful new pets to enhance their runs through the twisting corridors of the tower. Better yet, these powers are available right from the start of any given run!

If that weren’t enough, there are also subsequent powers that enhance your pet while you’re on a particular run in addition to the usual anima powers you would expect. Of course, nothing is forcing you to take these novel powers, but wouldn’t you like to try something a little bit different for your next run through the tower?

Those who would like something altogether different, such as something that is not a Torghast run at all but is instead the Arena World Championship, should note that Season 1 of that particular event is starting on January 15th.

Source: Official Site, Press Release

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Shadowlands will go down as the worst expansion Blizzard has ever produced. It’s worse than WoD and BFA.

Bryan Cole

I’ve already unsubbed as I’ve gotten to the endgame loop and got bored and playing alts just seems pointless. I think this game is finally dead for me. Needs a fresh new start like WoW 2 or something.


I waited 17 years to start playing this game. Avoided it to nearly the end of the MMORPG genre. After finally accomplishing endgame status and gear in GW2, ESO and FFXIV, out of sheer boredom I just started playing WoW for the first time. It was worth the wait. Lots I can do.



Grind for no loot, no experience, pretty much nothing but a single type of crafting mat.

I really don’t know what these developers are thinking. This is absolutely the worst sort of game design possible.

It hardly even justifies the term ‘game’; it is more like an endless, mindless job.

This is just how it feels to me. Perhaps there a folks out there that like this sort of thing. In that case, enjoy!

Kickstarter Donor
Java Jawa

Between torghast and the maw, and covenants, three separate systems to mindlessly grind. That’s pretty much why I didn’t last for more than a month.

Not enough hours in a day. Some of those torghast runs would take more than I had available. I’m obviously not the target audience.


I played WoW FOR the grind, but this grind was just narrow and boring. Legion was all grind but it was thematical fun. The zones ran into each other. I felt like I was in the game. Shadowlands just feels disjointed and it doesnt help that I dont connect with these zones (though I will admit they are beautifully done).