Atlas patches in the ability to tame and ride dolphins


So, is Atlas meant to be a serious nautical simulation? The answer is quite obviously no because the newest patch to the game adds the option to not just train dolphins but literally ride them around. Picture a pirate shouting “yarr” as a dolphin jumps in and out of the water, holding a little Jolly Roger flag as he does so. That’s Atlas. This is possibly not meant to be grim and gritty after all.

The newest patch also adds in a new seed vendor to help you populate your farmhouse with the crops you would prefer, new farmhouse variants, and a number of balance tweaks to address issues with the game’s overall environment. But it also lets you specialize in the Beastmastery tree to the point where you can, as mentioned, tame and ride dolphins. You can tame and ride dolphins. Pirates riding a pod of trained dolphins in their marauding attacks. We cannot stress this enough.

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