EverQuest II applies fixes and adjustments, PlanetSide 2 improves PC performance via multi-threading


What are EverQuest II and PlanetSide 2 doing together on one news post? Besides both being Daybreak Games titles, they both kicked out some smaller patch updates in efforts to improve their respective games. Also, said patches are a bit too tiny to write about on their own.

On EQII, the latest hotfix has adjusted several abilities for classes over level 110, fixed a few typos, added some missing sound effects, reduced combat mitigation for heroic encounters, and perhaps most importantly of all, readjusted the Peach Stucco Block set “to return its solid peach in color and clean appearance.” Thank goodness.

As for PS2, there was a small but mighty update that released on Tuesday for PC that should improve performance in large-scale battles by way of better multi-thread support when new trackable objects like players, NPCs, or projectiles are in a player’s proximity. The devs will be monitoring performance closely to track reported issues.


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Oh nice! I’ve been mildly annoyed with PS2 lately and its performance on my new computer, and a bit too lazy to find out how to uncap the framerate from 60.

Will have to give this a spin to see if this smooths things out, and if so then to figure out how to raise that FPS cap so I can have more frames than my eyeballs can process.