Gran Saga previews the big transformations attached to its Gran Weapons

Goo, grea, gran.

Why stop at just having a saga that’s grand? Sorry, not grand, it’s Gran Saga and you may be faintly wishing you could buy a letter D when you see that the game also has what are known as Gran Weapons. But as the game approaches its launch in South Korea on January 26th, the stream of official trailers continues, and that includes one showing off how the Gran Weapons are more than just sharp bits of metal; they also allow you to transform your character into a super-powered version of the mystical creature sealed within the aforementioned weapon.

There appear to be 24 of these Gran Weapons at launch, with the trailer at least implying that these transformations are character-specific (and rather elaborate in several cases, including giving you a cat-eared mech to pilot). Check out the trailer just below if this seems like your jam.

Source: MMO Culture
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