Lord of the Rings Online pulls back from controversial patch changes

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Usually when there is some sort of controversial change to Lord of the Rings Online, you can find some fiercely loyal players defending Standing Stone Games. That’s what made yesterday’s news of a proposed adjustment to reputation and legendary item consumables so notable, as there was nary a voice among the community in support of this.

Roundly drubbed by the community on this topic, SSG finally came back to the table on Wednesday evening to announce that it would not be putting these changes into the game as planned.

Systems Designer Barbara “Tybur” Thompson said that the team will remove any max level limits on reputation acceleration tomes (but will make such tomes bind to account). In regards to the more hot-button topic of scrolls of empowerment, which are used to grind legendary item levels, Thompson said that the team will “fix a math error” regarding the proposed limits and make sure that players have a way to find scrolls for every tier of advancement.

Thompson also answered concerns that players who have not bought the game’s latest DLC will not have a way to fully level legendary items: “Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment (without tier caps) will continue to be available from a variety of level scaling and group content sources such as Featured Instances, epic battles barter, skirmish camp barter, PvMP barter, Gift Giver’s Brand barter, and many our our three- and six-player instance chests as well as raid chests.”

The community response to this announcement is, well, more favorable than it was yesterday, but it still isn’t completely satisfied. Gaps in scroll tiers, limited daily quests, and a difficulty in attaining scrolls via solo play were pointed out as continued trouble spots for this system.

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I wholeheartedly agree on the server front. That said you don’t make sweeping combat changes to a title this old. Animations could be improved, but people play it for what it is. Classic tab style combat.


Meh. LOTRO is becoming less and less about The Lord of the Rings and more and more about grind, cash shop, DLC, and other such shenanigans.

I’m a pass on LOTRO for the foreseeable future, I think.

2Ton Gamer

lol, “math error”.. as in the playerbase leaving in droves would equal to a drop in $$


Well, to be fair, I wouldn’t mind the ‘more dailies please’ and the ‘extend the festival’ crowd leaving in droves. They’re pretty much a representation of everything wrong about the MMO format.