Runes of Magic’s Fire Festival lights up the night


The dead middle of winter is never a bad time for a hearty bonfire — or a fire festival. To keep January lively, Runes of Magic lit a match to such an event in order to keep players stave off hypothermia and boredom. For a while, at least.

The Fire Festival consists of 14 events spread around Silverspring, Dust Devil Canyon and Thunderhoof Hills. Players can go on archaeologist missions, light fires, drive away mice, control the fire you just lit and is now out of control with a bucket of water, cure sick monsters, and, what the heck, go joyriding in a chariot while lighting more things on fire. We sense that this event isn’t completely responsible, but it should sate the inner firebug among us.

To coincide with the festival, Runes of Magic is also hosting a three-day streak of 100% increased drop rates across the board. This will take place from Friday, January 15th, through Sunday, January 17th.


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