Sea of Thieves discovers a bug that has made an entire week’s worth of player rewards ‘unrecoverable’


Players of Sea of Thieves were reportedly running in to some issues with getting their due rewards during the New Year’s holiday. That’s bad news enough, but a recent check-in from the devs has found the news to be worse than that: The discovered issue has effectively found some of the lost data to be “sadly unrecoverable.” This includes any progress made in Tall Tales, Daily Deeds, events, or commendations.

To compensate players who experienced these issues, Rare has ensured that those who logged in between December 28th and January 8th will be receiving 100K Gold and 250 Doubloons. Rewards will arrive directly to player accounts, though it may take about 72 hours to show up. A more detailed look at what happened will also be shared in the near future, but for now, there will at least be a bit of restitution for the matter.

source: Twitter

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It seems that in Sea of Thieves, the sea became the thief.

Jon Wax

So, like… lost at sea?