A3: Still Alive crosses 5M global downloads, adds battle royale game mode

So yes, it's still alive


Netmarble’s A3: Still Alive continues to rip up the charts two months after its launch, and the company is matching the community enthusiasm with plenty of new things to do. In fact, yesterday A3 updated to add a fresh game mode to keep its PvP crowd happy.

The new battle royale mode is called Flooded Metium and comes with a previously unexplored map. A3 also added the ability to level up Soul Linkers to the 8-star level. Several events are happening in this mobile game, such as a login event from January 21st through February 4th and a Sominus Wake Night Festival with bonus time events that will kick off on January 28th.

A3: Still Alive has crossed five million downloads globally since its November 10th launch.

Source: Press release

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