Carpet-bombing Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey settlements is probably a bad idea


With Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion delayed a smidge for PC and into fall for console, players have nothin’ but time, so you may as well spend it poring over the dribs and drabs of info Frontier is putting out, right? Today, the devs delivered a brief Q&A from the studio’s principal designer, Gareth Hughes, homing in on settlements. Notably…

  • Empty outposts will eventually “send for reinforcements,” but not infinitely, and they will repopulate over time. It might not be the best idea for players to murder everyone and steal all their stuff, given “severe” consequences that are left unstated.
  • Players will be able to pick up missions from terminals in ports and outposts, even if their faction doesn’t control the area.
  • Yes, there will be new Engineers in addition to the old ones.
  • Players can take advantage of environmental elements. “If you want to stand next to big red barrels feel free to,” Hughes quips.
  • It’ll be possible to “bring down settlement defences, allowing others to enter the combat zones in vehicles.”
  • And don’t even think about bringing in your Orca to just “carpet bomb” the crap out of a settlement: “Settlement defences are quite potent, without shutting them off first you may find yourself suddenly without that ORCA…”
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