Crimson Desert interview clarifies the game’s multiplayer vs. single-player aspects

Red dead desert.

So where exactly does Crimson Desert sit on the spectrum of single-player vs. MMORPG? The answer, according to a new interview from MMO Culture, is that it’s complicated. Internally, the staff seems to be of the mind that there are no obvious genre analogues; while the game certainly is a single-player narrative experience, the multiplayer aspects are integrated seamlessly and players can enjoy the game as a multiplayer title if that’s their preference. This seems to indicate that multiplayer is not a separate mode of play outright, although how that works with the single-player experience is as of yet not entirely clear.

What is definitely the case is that the main protagonist Macduff is a fixed character, but players will also be able to create and customize a separate character using full customization options in what is tentatively called “Another Journey.” How this ties in with the multiplayer side is yet to be seen. Check out the full interview if you’re curious to know more; it seems likely more details will emerge as the game gets closer to its winter launch date.

Source: MMO Culture
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