Dauntless announces an upcoming new Escalation, new Hunt Pass, and the return of Saint’s Bond


Now that the dust has settled on the Reforged update for Dauntless, it’s time for Slayers to look ahead, and we’re getting that look ahead thanks to a roadmap update that promises a new Escalation, new Behemoth, a new Hunt Pass, and the return of the Saint’s Bond Valentine’s Day event.

The next Escalation will be a frosty one, inviting players to the realm of Skaldeskar to battle frostbite, ice-wielding monsters, and very likely a brand new Behemoth. The roadmap also teases the Realm of Ice Hunt Pass, which will feature cosmetics with all-new visual effects, and the Saint’s Bond event offering an Event Pass with new and returning cosmetics along with goodies from Honest Ozz.

As of right now, the Frost Escalation is set to release on February 4th, while most of these mapped-out new features are in testing and polish or in production. On the subject of testing, a small group of Slayers have been invited to the Experimental testing ground that launches today.

sources: official site, Twitter (1, 2)

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