Iron Harvest 1920 brings new heroic abilities in latest patch, talks up new 2v2 map and future update plans


The multiplayer mech-filled RTS Iron Harvest 1920 is back from its holiday break and eager to get back to making new stuff. This seems to be pretty evident in the latest update post from King Art Games, which offers a look at Changelog 15 as well as offers a rough peek at future update plans.

In the latest update, two heroic mechs have some new abilities to either lay waste to entrenched infantry or run pell-mell into the face of an enemy mech. The update has also added tutorials for dropzone and opening gates, added a gold-trimmed faceplate for backers and buyers of the Rusviet Revolution DLC, and fixed a surrender bug. The post also notes that balance changes are in the works for sometime at the end of January as the devs assess how the new heroic abilities affect gameplay while also trying to “avoid an endless spiral of buffs and nerfs.”

As for future updates, players can look forward to a new 2v2 map to arrive sometime during the fourth week of January, while additional plans for 2021 include working on the first big add-on that will bring a new faction and releasing the RTS to console. For the time being, there are some update notes to consider.

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