One Shots: The magical land of candy


We would all like to think that, given the opportunity, we would be brave adventurers in fantasy lands, venturing forth to slay dragons and rescue villages. But the truth — and let’s be honest here — is that we would stop at the first edible candy house we found and gnosh.

Lethia is on board with this: “The first zones of the Dwarf race in ArcheAge are quite beautiful but not really special as they are full of winter. It’s the first time I ever made one of these little buggers, and I was impressed how much the housing customization has evolved since I last played years ago. Makes the cold areas look quite cozy and sugar-rush inducing!”

More than candy addicts and adventurers, we are all tourists — on land and in the depths of space. Hikari takes us on a road trip through the stars: “As for playing tourist, how about some shots of our first time in the new nebulas in Star Citizen? We literally went touring around the various L points when they came out.”

Of course, for many of us, our gawking started on the very first day inside an MMO and kept on going from there.

“This is a shot of the beginning zone for the plant people in Guild Wars 2,” said Daniel. “My human ranger with her dogs decided to visit one day.”

Pandalulz is taking the fight to the true boss of Final Fantasy XIV: “It’s not so much that I was taking my first steps into whatever La Noscea zone this was, more that the sun was and I was prepared to punch it in its stupid face.”

“I’m having a fair bit of fun in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, but this particular zone irks me greatly. It’s one of those times when you think, ‘Well, maybe it gets better after a while and I’m just having the worst first impression.’ Well, it didn’t. I hate the fact that you’re forced to visit this uninteresting pile of rocks every so often to progress with your covenant. I’m sure you can guess which one it is.”

Aw, I kinda liked Revendreth!

For this week’s screenshot challenge, let’s go spelunking! Show off some underground cavern, cave, or bottomless pit of doom — and the prettier, the better!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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Hikari Kenzaki

I have several Tuesday Raider characters in various non-Tomb Raider games for Streaming. They can still find their way in caves and tombs.

Here’s the Trill freelancer, Lurah Kropht in STO.

And some other random shots of the remastered Klingon tutorial.

Daniel Veit

These pics are in Tangled Depths in GW2. The entire zone is underground, other than Frog Town (not pictured).


I think only the bottom level i underground, then there’s the ground level, with some area in the branches (not canopy like Verdant Brink mind you).

Either way it’s a labyrinth pain the ass to navigate, it’s like Moria if it were a fucking forest lol.

Hirku Two

Welcome to Happy Fun Time Cave, full of rainbows and ice cream…

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Little Bugbear

Just a pic of cool guy Kaeya.

Fixed Genshin Pics.png
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Assuming these come through in order, the first picture here is from a cave in (I think) Southern Mirkwood. There are these worm things that have made these shimmering curtains of goo that are very pretty, though very disgusting if you think about what they are. Second is a shot from one of the huge underground chambers in the Tomb of Elendil. No idea why he’d need a huge underground swimming pool like this in his tomb, but to each their own.


Does a Dwemer ruin count?

Back on my Dragon Knight Magnus Dragon Tongue.


Here’s an actual cave.

Vincent Clark

I was totally going to stay on mission this week and take a screenshot of some underground cavern or something, but then this hot sex on a stick walked by and…well, you know :)

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1. Sailing on the Arcane river, with a paper boat, i think this place is beautiful.

2. i just wanted to share this fun moment.


Deeper underground…

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I went back to play it today, going to spend 2 weeks or more leveling up and exploring, just finished with the Bambo Coast scenario, then i saw Bambo Village with the sunny weather and it is so beautiful, can’t wait to go back 😅