Astracraft is a game of building your own vehicles and then blowing other people’s creations up

Murder legos.

Do you like building elaborate vehicles with creative tools complete with little guns and missile launches and the like? Do you further like imagining said vehicles blowing one another up? If so, Astracraft might be just for you. This new mobile title is available for download from developer Payload Studios, co-produced by Netease, and it’s all about creatively building your own vehicles of choice from walking mechs to cars to spider mechs to planes.

And then? Well, you get into an arena and blow other such vehicles up, naturally.

You can get some sense of what’s possible in the game via the trailers just below, showing off some of the game’s multitude of creations as well as the gameplay in dynamic form. The title is available now for both iOS devices and Android mobile devises, so if this looks like a fun way to while away some idle hours with what amount to Murder Legos, go for it.

Source: Press Release
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