Bless Mobile opens up for global pre-registration ahead of its impending launch


Who here has been eager for more Bless? How about a mobile version of the original PC game? Well stop answering because publisher/developer Joycity is releasing Bless Mobile soon and has opened up pre-registration for Android and iOS devices.

As is often the case with mobile pre-registration, those who sign up will be getting themselves a number of goodies including $50 worth of bonus items. As for the game itself, it touts four races, five classes, and a “dynamic, direction-based combat system” that takes advantage of a character’s weapon type and range of motion. That all said, the game can be run in autoplay/idle mode just in case you have other things to do.

Readers will recall that we’ve been following the development of this one for a while. It first arrived to our notice in January 2018, more specifically the Korean version of the game, with looks at character creation, the first 90 minutes of gameplay, and assurances that this Bless is also different from the original game. Somehow.

A release date for Bless Mobile isn’t available yet, but since there’s pre-registration happening, we suspect it won’t be long now.

source: press release

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Hikari Kenzaki

In a world where games have names like A3 and V4, they show tremendous commitment to a branding that carries a ton of negative baggage.

Vanquesse V

Been thinking about the legacy of Bless Online, and if you want to put a positive spin on it then that game proved that there’s absolutely still people looking for a freshly released mmo.
still weird sticking with the name though.