Mortal Online 2 updates its engine, adds bow crafting, and stops AI from screaming at people


How do you craft a bow? It’s probably not as simple as bending a flexible piece of wood and linking either end of it with a string. Mercifully, players of Mortal Online 2 don’t have to think too hard about it, especially since they can simply craft a bow in-game with the latest patch.

The newest patch notes also point out some new emotes, new hairstyles, an upgraded engine which now allows for Nvidia DLSS support, some new player hints, wind particle effects, more variable player character body types, and a wide swath of fixes to things like FPS, chat memory leaks, AI pathing issues, VoIP reconnections, and “AI constantly screaming at people even if they couldn’t see them.” More details can be found in the patch notes.


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Benjamin H

Good to see the Alpha is moving along. Cant wait for persistent release in March! No point in playing much before that, for me at least.
Already preordered the game though :)