Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen adds two new members to its QA and HR teams

How am I supposed to remember you if you won't let me forget?

There are a couple of fresh faces in the (likely digital right now) offices of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. An announcement on the game’s forums offer a hearty welcome to two new members of the game’s QA and HR departments.

First, we have Mark “Fusoya” Maraglino, a QA specialist and fresh member of the MMORPG’s QA team who initially was the Monk class lead as well as one of the devs who worked on overall combat balance and ability design. Next is Jeanna “BlueEyedGator” Ruschell, a new human resources manager who brings with her over 25 years of human resources and customer support experience working with several Fortune 500 companies.

The new hires are happy news for the MMO, which last autumn discussed restructuring, cadence, funding, and the search for a publisher.


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