The Daily Grind: Has anyone ever accidentally ruined an MMO for you?


A few weeks ago, I was happily joyscrolling about home improvement ideas for my new house when I bumped into a comment that keeps sticking with me. The random poster was ranting about a lamp fixture I was considering, likening it to, and I quote, “an insect nest.” I had literally never noticed or thought about it that way before, but I sure do now, and it completely killed my desire to buy it. I can’t unsee it. I can’t go back to before that random poster accidentally ruined that lamp for me.

This is an MMO website, not a lamp website, but I bet you’ve had this happen in games before. I have. I’ll be scrolling through the City of Heroes Homecoming forums when suddenly I’ll see a rant about how poorly a certain powerset performs in the current meta – like, say, Radiation Emission, which years ago was a top choice and is now considered mediocre because of how fast the endgame moves and how other powersets have been buffed to edge it out in utility. And just like that, it can ruin whole characters for me. Sometimes a well-timed forum debate can ruin an entire game for me.

How about you? Has anyone ever accidentally ruined an MMO for you? How do you fight those sudden bursts of new knowledge that change the way a game looks and feels to you?

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Malcolm Swoboda

‘Ruined’ is a strong word, but a friend I made in RIFT – really one of the very very few I met virtually that I could have called a friend – only stuck around for most of Classic, then bounced for GW2, then came back for later Storm Legion or so and we reconnected, but after he left for good, the game didn’t feel quite the same. This was just one of many compounding issues that led to my slow goodbye. We are Facebook contacts and talk rarely, but nicely :).


Oh boy, there’s a few.

FFXI- someone who was 20 years older than me decided I was his girlfriend, took 3 months til I put my foot down and told him no Im not putting up with this manipulation anymore and Im not his girlfriend, and he then went on a crusade telling everyone I cheated on him and ruined my reputation on the server. I did go back years later and server changed, but it left a bad taste for me.

FFXIV- my partner befriended someone who was just toxic as hell, and he couldnt see it. She got invited to our FC and everyone tried to get along with her but she was just so unlikeable. Any event she went to was just non stop complaining and people gradually started finding different groups, and I was so miserable putting up with her I barely played anymore, til a friend convinced me to server change. Then I realised my whole server had just been toxic.

WoW- Guild for people with social anxiety. I wrote in to the old 15 minutes of fame column on blizzard watch(?) and they did an interview with our guild leader. After this he got extremely arrogant and started running the guild like a cult. A bunch of us got tired of it and split to make our own guild, but then someone gathered everyone together when the new guild leader was offline and claimed (with no proof) he was sexually harrassing people and tried to demand he hand over leadership to her. When leader got on and tried to explain his side, with proof, that he had not been doing such a thing, the person making the accusations convinced everyone to leave and form ANOTHER new guild with her as the leader. I got put off wow for a good couple years after that.


Years ago, I used to play Guild Wars. I was in a very small guild, a guy, his girlfriend, and maybe a few others I never ran around with. Us three beat the main story together, and were planning on going to Guild Wars 2. But…well…I ended up not being able to buy the sequel and my computer broke so I couldn’t even play GW 1. Eventually, I got another computer, and installed GW1… and they were gone. I wasn’t even in their guild anymore. I didn’t even have a chance to explain what happened because my computer broke. So, losing my guild like that, well, it killed all interest I had in both GW 1 and GW2.

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It’s very low-stakes, but I was part of a “would be someday, maybe” Star Citizen guild – a small group I’d associated with back to the Asheron’s Call days – and was kicked out because I had my forum profile set private. That apparently kept the guild leader doing something they wanted to.

They never tried to contact me, AFAIK. I got a gkick email from the RSI website out of the blue after months of silence, with a one-sentence “sorry” attached.

SC has long been mentally classified as “if it ships, it will be a nice surprise,” but that killed whatever remained of my enthusiasm for the game. /shrug_emoji

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Sadly, yes but not accidentally.

City of Heroes was ruined for me by another player and his girlfriend who used and abused my trust, kindness, and free time over a period of many months to ingratiate themselves with me and my guild simply to then turn around and then to put the respective cherry on the cake proceeded by robbing my SG and friends of years worth of effort and ghosting us.

NCSOFT response was pretty much tough sh** despite there being LOTS of actual tangible proof of the theft.

That pretty much sucked the enjoyment of that game from me and I left and was the first of many dissatisfying interactions with NCSoft that eventually led to me boycotting them entirely. I just couldn’t feel the same way about the game after that, it was a gut punch that didn’t go away.


I would have to say guild “drama” has definitely taken a lot of the fun out of MMORPGS for me at times, in a few cases hastening my exit permanently from the game.


Nope, not yet. And hopefully never…

…outside of developers who have tried to ruin my fun. >.<


Nope. I don’t think that would even be possible, given the amount to which I research the game, and even spoil myself when it comes to its story and mechanics, before I even download it in the first place.

Caveat: remember the recent post about fun in MMOs? Researching a game, figuring how it was made and what makes it tick, is for me often more fun than actually playing the game. There are multiple games I’ve spent more time exploring their innards with ILSpy (a decompiler I use to read the source code of .net and Unity games) than actually playing the game.


Can’t think of any instances where a normal gamer has ruined a game for me.

However, there are plenty of times when a dev has released a new bit of information that has immediately turned me off.

I remember when I was beta testing FFXIV 1.0, was quite enjoying the test and the gameplay but then found a dev post about how XP would start dropping off after 8 hours gameplay a week, falling to nothing after 16 hours. An MMO where you get punished for playing too much?!?!? Couldn’t believe it! I would definitely have been playing for more than 8 hours a week, so that immediately turned me off.

SWTOR’s first expansion announcement also made me quit. The game was pretty crap anyway, but I love Star Wars and the devs kept saying they were going to fix this, improve that etc, just keep waiting. Then they announced the first expansion which showed they’d been lying: they were not going to fix anything at all, in fact they were going to deliberately ignore all the major problems and instead just keep doing what they were doing. Immediate unsubscribe.

Oleg Chebeneev

Paul Bernett ruined Warhammer Online for me. His class previews supposed to get people excited for the game. And I surely did. Way too much. So when WAR lauched I had so massive expectations and hype that noway the game could deliver