Path of Exile discusses server issues, releases a new patch, and shares Echoes of the Atlas launch moments


Just in case you have been actively avoiding the Path of Exile tag, first of all thanks for checking in, and second of all the game released its Echoes of the Atlas expansion. And, as is often the case with big launches, it hasn’t gone off without some problems, particularly in the case of the game’s servers.

Server problems like disconnects, serverside action timeouts, and even item duplication or destruction, all of which were likely helped along by an 11% increase in peak player numbers, are going to be addressed soon. The devs at Grinding Gear Games note that the game’s database servers are being overloaded and hardware upgrades are in the works, though fixing issues will take some time. In terms of more immediate updates, there’s been a recen patch that’s adjusted some things related to the Ritual League and general improvements and bug fixes.

It hasn’t been all bad servers and issues, though. The Echoes of the Atlas launch had plenty of fun community moments as well, several of which were shared in another forum post. If you’d rather watch our own Wraeclast wanderer instead, you can check out MJ’s first crack at the Ritual League.

source: official forums (1, 2, 3)

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League is pretty good, but the game has become very overwhelming in the amount of mechanics and stuff to do and follow. There are many cases where I’ll have 4-5 mechanics all stacked on top of each other (Nemesis, Delirium, Ritual, Betrayal, Maven, Conquerer, etc) and it’s just a bit much. I absolutely can’t imagine a new person.

As a veteran it’s become a lot of stop and go. Oh there’s a ritual, stop, do the ritual. Oh there’s a sacred grove. Stop, go do the Harvest. Stop more and craft for 15 minutes. Continue to finish map. Go do Maven encounter. Go clear out delve/temple/safehouse. Finally get back to mapping hours later. All that is skipping things like Metamorph bosses or Blighted maps and other mechanics that have just piled on over time.

The new Maven mechanic is super good. It’s very accessible from early on (T5-6 maps) and not a giant pain to even get some low tier powerful rewards from it. Later on it adds a lot of challenge as the Maven modifiers can really juice up T16 bosses pretty decently (noticeably easier when you fight the same boss in a ritual and it’s no longer juiced).

Tech issues suck but unsurprising. Was going to be a huge league. Bug wise it’s pretty good, and if anything they just made everyone’s case of why they should go to 4 month leagues instead of 3 months.

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I agree about the overwhelming part. 100% Even without all the new league mechanics, the game was pretty overwhelming just with his giant passive tree and super intricate and massive crafting system (which even after all these years Im a complete noob at).

However, the “stop and go” bit…. You mean its like the devs actually want you to stop and play the games content, rather than just rush through each area? Imagine that!

Took me all weekend to get to act 10 this season, largely BECAUSE I stopped to do every ritual and most other mechanics. While I didnt get to end game as fast as usual, I wasnt upset because I actually found the rituals quite rewarding. Getting loot and items that I often wouldnt even get until deep into end game. It made the leveling process a lot more enjoyable so I didnt mind taking the extra time to “stop and go”


I’ve never found the character wheel overwhelming personally. When I started with the game even it was ignore everything and just take res/hp nodes regardless where you started (back in Shrine league). Between looking at other existing builds in leagues on POE Ninja, the abundant content creators for the game, and numerous written guides for the game it’s very easy to get an idea of what you should be doing or working on or what options are available for you to choose from. The only reason to remain confused is some stubborn refusal to take advantage of the vast array of knowledge out there.

You’re completely missing the mark on the “stop and go” part in an effort to try to take a shot at me for “rushing through each area.” There are/were numerous league mechanics in the past where you would stop and do a mechanic (Legion, Blight, Betrayal, Incursions, etc etc etc). My complaint/observation was not against these style mechanics and in fact Blight, the ultimate stop and go, was/is one of my favorite mechanics.

My complaint/observation was at the frequency of these mechanics and having to manage the outcomes of them. For example when you clear a harvest there can be 3-4 crafting seed areas. That’s roughly 30-40 crafting recipes you can do and pour over and decide to keep/save or just blow on bases you keep on your stash. That’s a huge disruption in the middle of a map that you then go back into and still have all those little rituals, blights, legions, etc that are also all little pauses. Then once you’re done you have big pauses like lets go clear out the temple so those keep coming or go increase my sulphite with Niko or he’ll cap out. It’s a lot of stop and go in that you’re doing one thing, now you’re doing another, and now back to mapping, okay now you got something else to do.

Dug From The Earth

Well, I mean… you can complete maps without doing any of the additional side stuff.

I like that its all an option.

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From what I have been hearing folks seem to be enjoying this league and map changes. I am surprised GGG have put the pc game in console emulation mode so you can enjoy your the genuine console crash experience on your pc too ;p

Still crashes aside it’s nice to be generally see some positive vibes for a change at league start.

Going to give it a try once us console plebs are allowed in and at the moment I am leaning towards some sort of bleed build. Maybe bleed bow using split arrows or maybe a tanky melee with earthquake bleed. Still finalizing the details.

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Outside of server issues/random crashes this is feeling like a solid league so far. Like, the extra month and the focus on a less mechanical complexity seems to have paid off, and the atlas changes are pretty rad so far.

Overall enjoying it quite a bit. Bought a supporter pack again after missing the last few leagues as I’m always happy to throw GGG money when I’m enjoying myself.

Playing a boring-ass dw cyclone slayer to tinker around with the updated leech nodes. Hold right click to win and all that, but I enjoy leeching 50%+ of my health per second.